Asterisk listo también para IPv6

IPv6 readyAunque el IPv6, la nueva númeración IP de Internet, aun no esta operativa de forma oficial, cada día más aplicaciones lo soportan, abriendose paso a la futura convergencia al nuevo sistema. Si bien aún más de 85% de los sistemas solo funcionan bajo IPv4. Asterisk ya esta preparado para IPv6.

Según Marc Blanchet, mediante SineApps nos informa de las actualizaciones sobre IPv6 que incorpora Asterisk.

* «done». initial ipv6-sip calls working well.
* is an «important» patch as the number of hunks and also because of «structural» changes for networking code.
* was done the way one normally port an application to IPv6: i.e. make the application (i.e. chan_sip here) IP version un-aware (as much as one can) by using the new socket API (RFC3493)
* this means that we want to heavily test it internally before releasing it. We very recently got some (hard) IP phones IPv6-enabled to test. We are also awaiting one (soft) IP phone vendor to provide a beta build of their IPv6 version. With all these testing, we should be in good shape.
* this also means having future discussions with other developers involved in networking to «adopt» the new socket calls, etc…
* was done on a few months old SVN trunk version. need to remerge with current trunk.
* intent to remerge after 1.4 and then release it.
* this port is for basic IPv6 functionality. No «complex» stuff such as ANAT (RFC4091, RFC4092) or signaling in one IP and then media in other IP, has been touched yet.

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