Trillian Astra versión alpha en pruebas

Cerulean StudiosLeemos en el blog de Cerulean Studios que la nueva versión de Trillian sigue por el buen camino en su base de testeo por un grupo de 40 personas, que lo están evaluando en su versión alpha.

En su blog ha lanzado esta nota:

Surfacing for air…
Hi everyone,

We have rolled out the first alpha of Trillian 4 and have been knee-deep in bug reports! The alpha is currently in the hands of roughly 40 people, and we will be expanding the tester count in the coming weeks. The next phase of testing will involve sending the build to those of you who signed up via e-mail a while back. We’ve had quite a few bugs/suggestions reported (59 bugs fixed so far!) since we started, and are continuing to add new features as feedback warrants.

Please remember – as we bring more of you into the testing team, the product will still be considered ‘alpha’. This means it’s not done yet, and it also means we’re listening to your feature suggestions as opposed to just fixing bugs in existing features.


Statistics as of this post…

Current Build:
Number of Alpha Testers: 36
Bugs fixed so far: 59
Bugs still open: 48

vía: blog cerulean studios

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